New in the CDC’s Gateway to Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice

Newly Revised Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit:  The Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit, originally released in September 2010, is a resource designed to provide partners with guidance and to share CDC’s lessons learned in integrating social media into health campaigns. The second edition is now available with additional information on developing trends in social media, best practices and a campaign example highlighting Vital Signs, a monthly program that focuses on a single, important health topic that provides a “call to action” for different audiences. Updated information includes the following:

  1. Expanded Mobile Health section including information on mobile websites, downloadable applications and SMS text messaging.
  2. Increased capabilities of Twitter to include Twitter Chats, Twitterviews, and Twitter Town Halls. 
  3. Enhanced best practices insight for Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

New Gateway for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial (STLT) Public Health Partners!  CDC’s Office of State Tribal, Local and Territorial Support (OSTLTS) recently developed Phase 1 of the State, Tribal, Local and Territorial (STLT) Public Health Gateway, a new website that provides CDC information specifically relevant to the STLT public health community. The intent of this site is to help matrix CDC content for STLTs working on the frontlines; the organization, content, and look and feel of the site were guided by results from two recent surveys conducted with STLT colleagues. This site is not just for OSTLTS content, but a place for all CDC content relevant to or requested by this audience.

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