Lecture – Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Foot and Knee associated with Standing and Walking

Robert Werner, MD, MS, Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Chief of the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation service at the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center, will speak this Friday at the School of Public Health.

A cross sectional study was done of workers at a GM plant in Flint to evaluate the risk factors for lower extremity musculoskeletal disorders.  We found that lower extremity musculoskeletal disorders were common in an aging work force, especially among women. Ergonomic risk factors such as standing and walking increased the risk for foot/ankle disorders but was less of an issue for knee and hip disorders. Biomechanical factors such as flat feet, high metatarsal pressures during gait and forefoot pronation have a significant impact on many lower extremity disorders and may represent an opportunity for intervention, i.e. orthotics and shoe rotation. Use of anti-fatigue mats does not appear to reduce the risk of lower extremity disorders.

  •  2 February 2012
  • 1-2:00 pm
  • Room 2610 Crossroads

 The lecture is sponsored by the Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering.

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