New CDC iPad app

The CDC has announced its first app, for the Apple iPad platform.  It’s free!

The CDC iPad App serves up important information from CDC’s website tailored to meet the needs of iPad users. Users can use tabs to immediately access health articles, popular journals, fast-breaking health updates, blogs, and podcasts. There are also tabs that allow them to access social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) that can help people engage more with CDC, provide additional health information, and links back to CDC’s main website.

  • Read Health Articles written by subject matter experts and health communicators from all CDC centers and programs.
  • Check recent public health data on Vital Signs.
  • Read Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) Journal is a peer-reviewed electronic journal.
  • Find the latest health news in the Newsroom.
  • Listen to CDC podcasts.
  • Stay Connected: Follow CDC on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Find out more at the CDC’s web site.

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