Lecture: The Legacy of American Eugenics: Buck v. Bell in the Supreme Court

“The Legacy of American Eugenics” is the keynote address by Paul Lombardo that opens the exhibit, Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race, at the Taubman Health Sciences Library.

The exhibit, from the Holocaust Memorial Museum, includes a segment on Buck v. Bell, the 1927 United States Supreme Court case that endorsed state laws mandating the eugenic sterilization of “feebleminded” and “socially inadequate” people in state institutions. That case and the laws that it validated preceded the 1934 Nazi law for sterilizing the “hereditarily diseased” under which more than 400,000 operations occurred in Nazi Germany. Professor Lombardo will discuss details of the Buck case, and how it became one of the symbolic high points for the eugenic movement in the United States.

Paul A. Lombardo holds the Bobby Lee Cook Chair as Professor of Law at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Time:  6:45-8:00pm
Location:  Biomedical Research Science Building, Kahn Auditorium
109 Zina Pitcher Place, Ann Arbor, MI

Join us for refreshments and a tour of the exhibition immediately preceding the lecture, 5:50-6:30, in the Taubman Health Sciences Library.

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