Nutritional Research Series: Advancing the Role of Evidence-based Reviews in Nutrition Research and Applications

The fourth volume of the Nutritional Research Series published by the Agency for Healthcare Quality & Research (AHRQ) is a systematic review and meta-analysis of evidence from prospective cohorts and randomized controlled trials on the relationship of eicosopentanoic acid (EPA) and docosexaenoic acid (DHA) intakes with cardiovascular or all-cause mortality. The aim was to assess the apparent congruence of these two types of study designs and to describe how randomized intervention trials and observational studies compare in their target populations, outcome definitions, and results, with the intent to define the dose-response relationships of EPA and DHA intakes to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality across diverse settings and wide ranges of intake levels.

Download the  report here.

Evidence-based Practice Center: Tufts EPC
Topic Sponsor: Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health

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