Recent public health court opinions

From CDC Public Health Law News:

  1. California: Litigation privilege applies to doctor’s conduct completing form:  Cang Wang v. Heck
    Court of Appeals of California, Second District, Division Four
    Case No. B228191, Decided January 25, 2012
    Opinion by Justice Thomas L. Willhite, Jr.
  2. Federal: ADA claim denied because service dog not trained or vaccinated: Davis v. Dale MA
    United States District Court, Central District of California
    Case No. EDCV 10-1483, VAP(DTBx); Decided January 24, 2012
    Opinion by Judge Virginia A. Philips
  3. Federal: Ordinance on minimum limo laws unrelated to public health/safety:  Bokhari v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County
    United States District Court of Tennessee, Middle District Tennessee, Nashville Division
    Case No. 3:11-00088; Decided on January 19, 2012
    Memorandum by Judge Kevin H. Sharp
  4. Federal: Defective AED suit’s claims not parallel to Federal law but preempted:  Walker v. Medtronic, Incorporated
    United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
    Case No. 10-2219; Decided January 25, 2012
    Opinion by Judge Allyson K. Duncan
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