Health Care at the Supreme Court

First, for those who weren’t aware, SPH’s very own Peter Jacobson has been providing commentary on the case here.

For audio & a transcript of the final part of yesterday’s arguments at the Supreme Court, click here.

Kaiser Health News continues to provides links to a variety of news stories and commentary:  Longer Looks At Supreme Court Battle: Justices’ Interactions Key To Decision; Medicaid Questions Complete The Court’s Health Law ReviewVoiding The Mandate, Or The Entire Law, Would Upend Plans By Insurers, Employers; and Supreme Court Arguments, Upcoming Ruling Poses Challenges For Political Parties, Presidential Hopefuls.

The Health Affairs blog has extensive commentary on the case as well, including most recently:  Timothy Jost: The Arguments Over Severability Of The Minimum Coverage Requirement, William Sage On The Last Day Of Supreme Court Arguments: Enough Frivolity For A While, and Renee Landers On The Individual Mandate: Towards A Single-Payer System Or Public Option?.

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