Updates from the Field – summer edition

Read the summer 2012 edition of Updates from the Field… 
Strengthening Public Health Systems and Workforce Capacity Globally or visit the website. 

  • Director’s Message
    • Effective Leadership and Management Improves Program Performance
  • Highlights of Investigations
    • CAR-FELTP Residents Investigate Source of Cholera Outbreak in the Central African Republic
    • CDC’s Division of Public Health Systems and Workforce Development Steps Forward to Assist Nigeria with Polio Eradication
  • Partnership Matters
    • Public Health Education in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: The Role of CDC
  • Graduate Corner
    • Kenyan MOH Leader Reflects on Importance of his FELTP Experience
    • Dr, Luka Ibrahim, Nigeria FELTP Graduate, Reflects on Value of the Nigeria FELTP
  • Training/Resources
    • Teaching Management Skills to Future Leaders in Public Health
    • EIS International Night Dubbed ‘Absolute Favorite’ by CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden
    • Iraq FETP Spearheads Iraq Zoonotic Stakeholder Workshop
    • Central America FETP Introduces New Approach to Field Exercise in Antigua, Guatemala
  • What’s New?
    • New Appointees, Staff Changes, Published Articles, Awards, and More
  • Upcoming Conference Events
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