Business of Health – A new “Narrative Matters” recording

From Health Affairs:

The essay, titled “Shopping For Long-Term Care,” was written by Deborah Stone, a research professor of government at Dartmouth College. It originally appeared in Health Affairs‘ July/August 2004 edition.

This essay delves into the real-life emotional challenges faced by elderly patients and their families when they are faced with making decisions about and arrangements for home-based long-term health care. Sharing the personal stories of her parents, Stone questions the basic premises of long-term care marketing to the elderly population in need of them.

“The market model is all wrong for long-term care because it imagines care as a good or a service people want, like a steak dinner or a massage,” she writes. “Most elders find the very idea of services humiliating, demeaning, intrusive, and a mark of defeat.” Policy makers who worry about overutilization, Stone writes, don’t understand that their policies “subtly denigrate care and punish people who ask for it.”

These podcasts are part of the collection of Narrative Matters essays on iTunes. Read the newest Narrative Matters essay, “How I Helped Create A Flawed Mental Health System That’s Failed Millions–And My Son,” which appears in the September 2012 edition of Health Affairs. Narrative Matters essays are published with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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