Exploding turkeys – Just in time for Thanksgiving

A bit of fun – and safety tips – for a Friday from our friends at Mind the Science Gap.

There are certain traditions a family holds sacred, and for my family, that’s Thanksgiving Dinner.  We always have Mom’s made-from-whatever-fell-out-of-the-fridge-and-yet-tastes-awesome stuffing, my oldest brother always cooks a side dish that requires a minimum 3 lbs of butter and we always have a trifle for dessert (which I didn’t realize was actually an English dessert, and was not served at every one else’s Thanksgiving meals until I lived in London).  These things we hold sacred.

The turkey, however, is open to interpretation.

At some point, we decided that doing the exact. same. thing. every year was getting boring, so we decided to spice it up. Last year,  my big brother (aka Mr. 3 Lbs of Butter) dreamed up an utter monstrosity, which he called a Turboducken, because, in our family, a normal Turducken (a duck inside of a chicken inside of a turkey) wasn’t enough.   Nope, we had to have a duck inside of a chicken, inside of a turkey, each with it’s own different kind of stuffing, and then topped off with 3 lbs of English bacon.  The result was 35 pounds of delicious, caloric catastrophe.

This year, as ‘healthier’ option, I suggested deep frying the turkey instead and received a resounding NO from the rest of my suddenly health and safety conscious family.

Read the complete post here–and remember to comment!

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