Emergent research conversation – Alex daSilva & PainTrek

Alex DaSilva, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biologic and Materials Sciences, and Director of the Headache & Orofacial Pain Effort (H.O.P.E.) at University of Michigan School of Dentistry, will share his methods and innovations in the area of chronic pain disorders.

Research such as efforts in collecting fMRI data during a migraine attack to developing mobile apps and VR tools that facilitate new ways of pain data exploration and discovery will be discussed, including the soon to be released PainTrek mobile app. PainTrek is a novel mobile app that was developed to make it easier to track, analyze, and talk about pain. Using an innovative “paint your pain” interface, users can easily enter the intensity and area of pain by simply dragging over a 3D head. Pain information can be entered as often as the user likes, can be viewed over time, and even analyzed to provide deeper understanding of the user’s pain.

Dr. DaSilva will respond to a series of prepared questions related to his research process(es), followed by Q & A from the audience. Refreshments will be served.

  • Date:    25 February
  • Time:  10:00-11:30am,
  • Location:  Hatcher Gallery, Hatcher Graduate Library.

Sponsored by the University Library.  On the 4th Monday of each month, from 10:00-11:30am in the Hatcher Gallery, programs are presented that address the research lifecycle. These events work to providem a better understanding the various types of research undertaken across campus, particularly as they relate to library services and support, opportunities for collaboration, data management and preservation, and beyond. More information about this series can be found here.

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