Solving a communication gap with partners in preparedness

From the CDC’s Public Health Matters blog:

When asked, leaders in communities everywhere will say that communication is by far the biggest problem during an emergency. Communication is such a broad term that it does not pinpoint the problem. Is it actual communication systems like phone lines and cell towers? Is it the communication you receive or try to obtain in an emergency? Is it communication to the people you are responsible for? Is it communication from the people you are responsible for? The question becomes how do we go about addressing these issues?  Start small and focus on one solution to one communication problem.

The New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has instituted the Partners in PreparednessExternal Web Site Icon program. OEM’s Partners in Preparedness program is designed to help organizations in the New York City metro area better prepare their employees, services, and facilities and develop a trusted communication system before disaster strikes. To become a Partner, an organization must complete five preparedness activities (three required and two additional) and report their actions through a partner’s survey. Only then will the organization become an official partner and obtain a Partners in Preparedness seal.

The three required activities are:

1) Stay Connected – Encourage coworkers and volunteers to sign up for Notify NYC, the city’s free real-time emergency notification system.

2) Get Prepared – Set up and test an emergency contact plan or call tree for your organization.

3) Send Preparedness Messages – Use e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or your website to test and send preparedness messages to your employees.

Read the complete post here.

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