World Immunization Week

CDCinfographic_wiwFrom the CDC:

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a disease that could be prevented with a safe and effective vaccine. Millions more children survive but are left severely disabled.

Vaccines have the power not only to save but also transform lives by protecting against disease—giving children a chance to grow up healthy, go to school, and improve their lives. Vaccination campaigns sometimes provide the only contact with health care services that children receive in their early years of life.

During World Immunization Week, we at CDC and our partners around the globe aim to promote one of the world’s most powerful tools for health – the use of vaccines to protect, or “immunize”, people of all ages against disease. World Immunization Week gives countries and our partners around the world a focused opportunity to raise public awareness of how immunization saves lives – during the same week, every year, in every country. The ultimate goal of World Immunization Week is for more people – and their communities – to be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

To learn more about the importance of global immunization efforts, read our World Immunization Week blog post or see our special feature article.

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