Culturally appropriate care and health education

AHRQ_InnovationsExFrom the AHRQ Health Innovations Exchange from August 14:

  • The featured Innovations describe three programs that provided culturally and linguistically appropriate health care and education to specific target populations. The programs include one that delivered a community-based, culturally tailored education program to low-income, predominantly elderly Korean immigrants with type 2 diabetes to improve self-management; another that increased awareness of, attitudes about, and willingness to accept hospice services in a local Hispanic community; and a third that provided culturally sensitive mental health screening for arriving refugees.
  • The featured QualityTools include a cancer education tool geared toward Asians and Pacific Islanders, a screener to help assess the emotional distress of refugees, and a toolkit to help mental health clinicians and agency administrators evaluate evidence-based practices for possible modification for cultural groups..
  • To access more innovation profiles, tools, and resources related to culturally appropriate health care on the Innovations Exchange Web site, go to,63451&taxonomyID=54558,46058. For resources and information related to cultural and linguistic competence, visit


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