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Farmers’ market chickens higher in bacteria

From the Well blog of the New York Times: That chicken you bought at the farmers’ market may not be as healthful as you thought. Researchers in Pennsylvania bought 100 whole chickens from grocery stores, half of which were organic, … Continue reading

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Risk Science Center cohosts a workshop on assessing the risk of innovative materials

From the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health Risk Science Center: A one-day workshop co-organized by the University of Michigan Risk Science Center will address the unique characteristics and properties of innovative materials, and the challenges of ensuring their … Continue reading

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RePORTERTOX subfile replaces CRISP subfile in NLM TOXNET version of TOXLINE

National Library of Medicine (NLM) TOXLINE users will notice that their searches no longer include records from the CRISP subfile. The CRISP subfile of toxicology-related research projects has been removed from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) TOXNET version of TOXLINE and … Continue reading

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From trash-picker to “invisible environmentalist”

From the Fixes blog of the New York Times: “Trash! Trash!” yelled Chandani Nagtilak as she pushed her cart through a residential complex. An older woman put two bins on her porch steps and exchanged pleasantries in the local language, Marathi.  … Continue reading

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The PhotoVoice Exhibit – Japanese Women Talk about the Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Disasters of March 2011

This spring, the Center for Japanese Studies will host an exhibition on the experiences of Japanese women following the tsunami of March 2011. After the Great East Japan Disasters in March 2011, women in the disaster-affected areas of northern Japan joined … Continue reading

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Two years after the tsunami in Japan, fear and mistrust of food and government

From the New York Times, an Op-Doc, ‘In Japan, a Portrait of Mistrust’: Two years after a huge earthquake, giant tsunami and nuclear meltdown ravaged parts of Japan, life has only seemingly returned to normal. Authorities say that outside the … Continue reading

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As OSHA emphasizes safety, long-term health risks fester

From the New York Times: Sheri Farley walks with a limp. The only job she could hold would be one where she does not have to stand or sit longer than 20 minutes, otherwise pain screams down her spine and … Continue reading

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Cows power trucks – and more!

From the New York Times: Here at one of the largest dairy farms in the country, electricity generated using an endless supply of manure runs the equipment to milk around 30,000 cows three times a day For years, the farm … Continue reading

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Chocolate contains lead?

Find out if that’s a problem by watching the new video, “Chocolate, Lead, and the Measurement Conundrum” from our friends at Risk Bites. As always, watch, learn, and join the conversation here or on Linked In.

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Mind the Science Gap does Valentine’s Day

A new week of posts has started at Mind the Science Gap, the blog where 11 public health students learn how to communicate science to the general public.  This week, the subject is Valentine’s Day, and David leads off with The High … Continue reading

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