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New from Risk Bites – Why vaccinate against HPV?

Risk Bites, a delightful series of videos that provide insights into the science of risk, has released a new video on dose response.  Enjoy and comment here.

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Mind the Science Gap ends

I’m sad to report that Mind the Science Gap, a science communication training blog from the University of Michigan School of Public Health,  has ended. In January 2012, Mind The Science Gap was launched as a unique approach to helping … Continue reading

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Extending Gene-Environment Interactions into Policy Domains: The Case of Tobacco Taxation

Jason Fletcher,  associate professor of public affairs at the University of Wisconsin, will present the first seminar of the 2013-2014 invited speaker series on population health issues sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars program (http://www.sph.umich.edu/rwjhssp/) and … Continue reading

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Could alien blood be toxic?

Our friends at Risk Bites have released a new video:  Could Alien Blood be Toxic?  Enjoy & comment!

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Video from this year’s Risk Science Symposium with Mark Lynas now available

The Risk Science Center has announced that the video of this year’s Bernstein Symposium is available online.  If you weren’t able to attend, it was a fascinating lecture and panel discussion: Why Is It Hard to Pivot Based on Science? … Continue reading

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What Is the Precautionary Principle, and Is It Good or Bad?

From our friends at Risk Sense come a new video (& resources) on the precautionary principle. Take a look! http://youtu.be/3RC7EGDtOYM

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Gunning for trouble

From Michigan Today: They’re young. They’ve been injured in an assault—so badly they went to the emergency room. And nearly one in four of them has a gun, probably an illegal one. What happens next? A new study by the … Continue reading

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What makes advanced materials harmful?

From our friends at Risk Bites, a new video:  What makes advanced materials harmful? As always, watch and comment!

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Teachers as Internet celebrities?

From the School of Public Health’s Mind the Science Gap (summer edition): It is a truth universally acknowledged that lazy (read: efficient) students will find ways to use new technologies to get their homework done faster, and certainly this has … Continue reading

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Risk Science Center cohosts a workshop on assessing the risk of innovative materials

From the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health Risk Science Center: A one-day workshop co-organized by the University of Michigan Risk Science Center will address the unique characteristics and properties of innovative materials, and the challenges of ensuring their … Continue reading

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